The Facility

Our Facilty & Business Practice

We are located on a large, beautifully landscaped, private property in Courtenay. We welcome families and visitors and only ask that you please call ahead to ensure we are available to meet with you.

Our state-of-the-art crematorium has been fully certified by BC Safe Authority. We have 2 crematoriums - one is a small unit to handle small pet cremations up to approx. 150 lbs, and the other larger unit handles large pets, small farm animals and our communal cremations.

We are the only pet crematorium on the island to have a "walk in cold storage" room (instead of chest freezers) where all pets are kept until cremation. Each pet is carefully identified once it arrives at our center and scheduled for cremation based on size. We strive to cremate all pets within 24-48 hours.

Families are welcomed to schedule a witness cremation. We encourage anyone wanting to be present at the start of the cremation, during and after. A small waiting room is at your disposal during the process.

Every single cremation, whether single body cremation or a communal cremation, is carefullly logged - including the date, clinic and/or family name, pet name and weight, time the cremation started and in which unit the pet was carefully placed in. (the image has been intentionally blurred under clinic and family name for privacy)

In addition, cameras are on at all times - every cremation we do is on video. Should you wish to see for yourself how your pet was cremated, let us know. Since each cremation is logged, we locate the date and time in the written log, and then access the video which is date and time stamped.

Vancouver Island Pet Crematorium

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"Just a note to thank you for all your considerate attention in our Scottie's cremations. It may not seem much to those looking on the other side but your approach was great comfort to both Susan and I. It made the trip up to Courtenay worth the time."

~ James & Susan